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Bets On Tom Hiddleston As The Next James Bond Are High

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There have been plenty of rumours circulating as to who will fill Daniel Craig‘s shoes as the next James Bond. From Idris Elba to Tom Hardy, 007 has been anyone’s guess, until now. A bookmaker has suspended betting on who will be named the next James Bond after a large sum was placed on British actor Tom Hiddleston.

Yes, that’s right. The Night Manager actor has attracted a flurry of bets over the past 24 hours, making him the 2-1 favourite to play Bond in the franchise’s next installment. Nicola McGeady, a spokeswoman for Coral said, “There is no smoke without fire, and following the big gamble on Tom Hiddleston in the last 24 hours, we’ve had no choice but to pull the plug on the market…Earlier in the year there was a gamble on Idris Elba and Damian Lewis, but nothing has come close to the recent gamble on Hiddleston.”

Hiddleston has further fuelled rumours after attending a secret meeting with 007 producer Barbara Broccoli and Sam Mendes at London‘s exclusive member’s club Soho House last week. The 35-year-old Brit has also recently dropped hints about playing Bond, saying it would be a “huge compliment and huge fun”. He also said, “I love the whole thing. If it ever came knocking, it would be an extraordinary opportunity. I think I would enjoy the experience.”


There’s one thing we can be certain of, however, and that is that Daniel Craig won’t be returning to his role having joked that he would rather “slash his wrists” than make a fifth movie. Ouch. Fingers crossed Tom Hiddleston delivers.


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