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Watch Tony Hawk Attempt To Skateboard Under Zero Gravity

Forget the new craze of hoverboards. 48-year-old skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has taken his acclaimed skills to a place like never before – an atmosphere with zero gravity.

Renowned for his uncanny ability to pull wild airtime tricks on regular old land, Hawk recently joined Sony and another skateboarding legend in Aaron Homoki to try his hand at a zero-gravity skate session. The stunt took place on a special plane similar to that of Virgin Galactic’s which was designed to simulate the floating sensation of space.

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It’s rather amusing to watch as the two pro-skaters attempt to pull tricks that they’d normally be able to do in their sleep back on land but fall on their face in the small cabin. All in a day’s work for Hawk and Co. we suppose.

  • Alexander Marvin

    It would be incorrect to say that the plane they were in was similar to Virgin Galactic’s. SpaceShipTwo will actually go to the edge of space, while the plane that Tony Hawk et al are in simulates microgravity with a parabolic flight.


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