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Grooming Products You Can Steal From Your Better Half

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1 of 15|Body Scrub|Your girlfriend knows the value of regular exfoliation, but she doesn't want to get it by rubbing against your sandpaper skin. Smooth it all out with a body scrub, which gently removes dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from the outer layer of skin while revealing the softer (more touchable) layers underneath.
2 of 15|Sea Salt Spray|Ever wonder how women nail the “I didn't take time to style this” style? The answer is a texturising sea salt spray. Spritz a bit on and your hair will feel thicker, coarser, and fuller – like you just swam in the ocean, even if the closest you get to a body of water is looking at travel pics on Instagram.
3 of 15|Argan Oil|Argan oil is a hot product for a reason. You can put it on your skin, put it in your hair, put it on your lips, put it in your beard – it's a go-anywhere treatment that makes everything it touches softer and shinier, without getting too greasy.
4 of 15|Baby Foot|This may be one of the weirdest products currently on the market (Google pictures if you're curious and your stomach isn't easily unsettled), but there's nothing better for refreshing your feet. Plus at the end of the treatment, you'll have an album of photos almost guaranteed to gross out your buddies.
5 of 15|BB Cream|A BB cream or tinted moisturiser is a savior on a bad skin day. Unlike foundation – which is a heavier, more makeup-y product – BB creams and tinted moisturisers offer light coverage that's just right for evening skin tone, concealing dark spots, and hiding the effects of your hangover.
6 of 15|Cuticle Oil|If your man hands are sporting dry, brittle, or cracked nails and cuticles, it's time to borrow your girlfriend's cuticle oil. A product like this one from Julep contains peptides that build keratin for better nails and collagen for healthier cuticles. (Regular manis don't hurt either.)
7 of 15|Dry Shampoo|Women have sung the praises of dry shampoo for years, but men have yet to get with the program. Dry shampoo is a convenient option if you're rushed in the morning or have somewhere to be after the gym, or just need a quick style boost. Even the flattest, greasiest hair can become presentable in a flash.
8 of 15|Clarisonic|This unassuming gadget will set you back, but it could also give you the best skin of your life. The Clarisonic claims to remove six times more dirt and oil than regular cleansing, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increase the absorption of your skincare topicals.
9 of 15|Bath Oil|The secret to your girlfriend's soft skin? Possibly a bath oil, which is not only a great way to reduce stress, but also a great way to get your rugged man skin feeling like silk. Bath oils can be bought pre-mixed or you can formulate your own if you're into DIY.
10 of 15|Lip Scrub|There's nothing kissable about your dry, peely lips. A lip balm (preferably with SPF) will get you part of the way, but exfoliating regularly with a lip scrub will take your mouth game to the next level. Bonus: they're often made to taste delicious.
11 of 15|Conditioner|Why are so many men's showers missing this key ingredient? Adding one small step to your hair care routine can make a world of difference to your mane. Conditioned hair is softer, shinier, healthier, more moisturised, and easier to manage when it's time to style.
12 of 15|Eye Mask|Puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles say a lot about your sleep status, your hydration, and how many candles were on your last birthday cake. Use an eye cream morning and night to keep crow's feet at bay, and upgrade to an eye mask to rejuvenate jet-lagged or hungover skin.
13 of 15|Serum|They may not look like much, but these little bottles pack a punch. Face serums are lightweight moisturisers that penetrate deeper and contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. They carry a hefty price tag, but also a hefty list of benefits – including firmer skin, smoother texture, smaller pores, and a brighter complexion.
14 of 15|Self Tanner|You know the importance of keeping your skin free of sun damage, but who doesn't love a healthy glow? The obvious answer is a self tanner, which gets you the bronzed look without the hazards of UV rays or the expense of a spray tan. Just be careful you don't come out with tiger stripes.
15 of 15|Tweezers|All tweezers are not created equal. What seems like a simple tool can vary vastly in quality, and it's worth it to invest in one that works. Your girlfriend already knows this, which is why you'll want to raid her drawers for something that says “Tweezerman” when your bushy brows need to be tamed.

Raiding your girlfriend’s closet? Only right for some men. Raiding your girlfriend’s bathroom cabinet? Something most men don’t do often enough.

If you’ve never taken a sneaky peek inside her drawers, here’s what they’re hiding: top quality gear that not only makes her look great, but could do the same for you. Sure, the packaging may be distinctly female-oriented, and the sea of lotions and potions can be intimidating, but you’re not a man who’s afraid of a challenge – are you?

While male grooming products tend to be fairly limited, there are female products for every concern you can imagine (and some you’ve never even thought of). If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone, you’re bound to find something you’ll want to steal for yourself.


Take a stroll through some of our favourite women’s grooming products for men above.


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