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How To Celebrate World Whisky Day Like A Magnificent Bastard

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Did you know that this Saturday is World Whisky Day? Yes, indeed. A whole day dedicated to trying a dram or two and celebrating the delicious brown elixir of life. It’s one thing to express your love of whisky, whether it be on social media, to your mates, or perhaps by shouting it from the rooftops, but to celebrate it like a magnificent bastard is simple really, and all it requires is a bottle of whisky and some good company.

World Whisky Day launched in 2012 and since then has aimed to make whisky, and the drinking of it, fun and enjoyable, without being exclusive or prescriptive. Whether you’re a man who loves his whisky with ice, water or a cheeky mixer, there are plenty of ways you can get involved.

From top distilleries in Scotland, to events in Sydney and lounge rooms in Canada, Russia and beyond there are plenty of events happening all over the world where you can swill whisky and chat about the flavours, subtleties and history of the golden nectar with other like minded whisky-lovers.


In Sydney, ‘The Whisky Show’ is the main attraction on World Whisky Day, featuring loads of exhibitors and about 200 different Whiskies across 50 brands.

If you’re keen to keep it low key, of course, you can host your own World Whisky Day event at home by registering online, and picking yourself up a bottle or two from Dan Murphy’s or Liquorland from the Johnnie Walker Range. Whether it be Gold Label, Platinum Label, Blue Label or another classic, Johnnie Walker has your World Whisky Day plans sorted.

George Bernard Shaw called it “liquid sunshine”, James Joyce referred to it as “light music” falling into a glass, but to us, it’s just good old fashioned whisky and what better time to enjoy it than on World Whisky Day this weekend.

  • thetrumpetplayer

    I don’t want to start a flame war or heated diatribe on everything that hurts about reading this very obvious puff piece, but in a nutshell:

    – The first thing I see is a pop up asking if I’m a ‘magnificent bastard’. No thanks.
    – Second thing is the headline on how to enjoy world whisky day like a ‘magnificent bastard’. Eh I guess it’s only sturdy men with beards that enjoy whisky after all. Women shouldn’t touch the stuff or something equally antiquated and sexist.
    – Most PR firms and click-bait sites like this normally go to at least a basic level of effort in trying to tie-in product or be a bit more subtle. Bastards, Johnnie Walker banners, ugh. At least let your average reader know this is a sponsored post.
    – Kate Venman: I know you don’t have to be a ‘feminist’ because you’re female, but I find it hard to believe you’d put your name to this old jingo in the name of clicks associated with such an antiquated version of drinking a great spirit. People like myself and others spend their days trying to engage a wide and fair cross section of people, not just ‘magnificent bastards’ with trendy beards and suits.

  • JonTreg

    Women can be magnificent bastards too 🙂


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