YouTube Red Launches In Australia & Takes On Netflix

Just when you thought Netflix was the only place to go to catch up with all your favourite series, the clever bastards over at YouTube have swooped in with YouTube Red, which has just launched in Australia.

The new ad-free video and music subscription service is taking on major competitors like Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music and is now available in Oz, the first region out of the US to receive the product.

A subscription to YouTube Red will set you back $11.99 a month, with an introductory offer of $9.99 and the first month free if you sign up before June 6.

Mimicking Netflix’s ‘Original Series’, YouTube Red has 10 shows of original content, but it’s all from YouTube ‘stars’ like Lilly Singh, Rooster Teeth and PewDiePie, so if you’re not keen on makeup tutorials and heavily edited humour, then this might not be the best option for you.

YouTube Red also gives subscribers the ability to keep videos playing in the background on their mobile devices while they multi-task (switching apps or interacting with notifications currently pauses YouTube videos), and also save any YouTube video to a device for playback when they have no mobile internet reception or want to save their data allowance.

Perhaps YouTube isn’t only good for cat videos after all.

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