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3 New Reveals From The 2017 iPhone Rumour Mill

The unstoppable conflagration of iPhone rumours continues to set the internet alight. Following our last round-up of juicy Apple gossip, new whispers suggest there are more big changes on the way for the iconic smartphone in 2017.

All-Glass Design

2017 iPhoneFirst floated by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in March, rumours of an all-glass design for the 2017 iPhone have been tossed around for months. They seem increasingly likely to be true. During its annual shareholder meeting, the chairman of longtime Apple supplier Catcher Technology Allen Horng indicated that glass casing is on the way for at least one iPhone model next year. The fact that a supplier is publicly commenting on the issue gives serious credence to the all-glass idea. Given the range’s pricing, many are speculating that the glass treatment will go to the iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone Pro.

Dual Curve Display

2017 iPhoneA newer tip-off suggests the iPhone 8 will feature a “Dual Curve” display. In terms you don’t have to be a Silicon Valley superstar to understand, that means the phone’s display will wrap slightly around its edges to create a larger surface area. Samsung’s stunning Galaxy Edge smartphone range sports a similar look.

32GB Base Storage

2017 iPhoneThe upcoming iPhone 7 is also getting in on the recent round of rumours. According to Kevin Wang, an IHS Technology analyst who has an impeccable track record when it comes to Apple reveals, the iPhone 7 will double its storage capacities. Wang announced that the new model will come with 32GB of entry level storage, up from the 16GB the iPhone has been stuck with for years. The new base model will reportedly be sold with a $199 USD price point.

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