The Playbook For The Modern Man

21 Essentials Every Adult Man Needs In His Kitchen

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1 of 21|#1 Cast Iron Skillet
2 of 21|#2 Silicone Basting Brush
3 of 21|#3 Blender
4 of 21|#4 Chef's Knife
5 of 21|#5 Colander
6 of 21|#6 Wood Cutting Board
7 of 21|#7 Food Processor
8 of 21|#8 Wet AND Dry Measuring Cups
9 of 21|#9 Electric Mixer
10 of 21|#10 Microplane
11 of 21|#11 Offset Spatula
12 of 21|#12 Paring Knife
13 of 21|#13 Mixing and Prep Bowls
14 of 21|#14 Kitchen Shears
15 of 21|#15 Sieve
16 of 21|#16 Instant-Read Thermometer
17 of 21|#17 Serrated Knife
18 of 21|#18 Wooden Spoon
19 of 21|#19 Whisk
20 of 21|#20 Rubber or Silicone Spatula
21 of 21|#21 Locking Tongs

Congratulations: you have survived to adulthood despite your best youthful efforts not to. Now that you’re a grown man, there are certain standards you must live by lest you be mistaken for a Seth Rogan character.

It’s not that substituting a wine bottle for a rolling pin or using a shot glass to measure tablespoons doesn’t work, it’s just that it looks a hell of a lot less suave when your girlfriend comes over. And if you’re going to the trouble of cooking for her, you damn well want her to be impressed.

It’s time to invest in quality kitchen essentials – the kind that impress guests and are so nice to use you actually want to cook more. Playing chef is easier, faster, and more enjoyable when you have the right tools for the job. These 21 items are musts in every well-equipped kitchen, whether you’re just starting out or you’re Anthony Bourdain.



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The playbook for the modern man

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