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Adidas Create Their Latest Sneaker From Discarded Ocean Plastic

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It may look like your average Adidas Ultra Boost sneaker, but the adidas x Parley running shoe represents so much more on an environmental scale.

The teal thread that’s intricately stitched across the upper section of the shoe to form a cool topographical design is made from plastic waste and old fishing nets retrieved off the coast of Africa. Once saved from causing severe damage to the ocean’s animals, the plastic is then brought to a company called Parley for the Oceans where it is broken down, cleaned, re-extruded into a flexible a material to be spun into a fine thread.

The environmental project first came to light last year but it wasn’t until now that Adidas had deemed the shoe ready to be worn by athletes. Alexander Taylor who is the industrial designer on the project said that, “it was a functional shoe in that you could put it on.”

The design of the shoe sees roughly 16.5 discarded bottles and 13 grams of plastic from fishing nets used across the upper section of each shoe. The sole itself is of course Adidas’ patented Boost material used across their current range of running shoes.

Those keen on copping a pair of these very special sneakers will need to work fast as Adidas will only be giving away 50 pairs. This isn’t so much to satisfy the the sneaker hype market but more so the difficulty and costs involved in spinning sea plastic into high performance fibres.

Given the infinite expense for marine conservation, the Adidas partnership with Parley has been a saving grace in raising awareness of the environmental issue. This also extended to funding the sneaker project – something that only major sports companies like Adidas have the funding and R&D know how to accomplish.

People around the world are being given until the end of July 2016 to enter a creative Instagram contest to earn one of coveted runners. Keep a close eye on adidas and Parley for the Oceans to find out how.


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