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Alexander McQueen SS17: For The Regal Punk

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If you’ve been considering a rebellious quarter (or mid) life crisis-inspired facial piercing, you’re right on-trend, if you’re taking your style cues from the Alexander McQueen SS17 campaign, of course.

Inspired by a ’60s man from London, traveling to imperial India, McQueen SS17 is full of items every man wishes they could rock with ease. Double-breasted and flared suit styles in thick stripe and detailed Indian print are brought into modernity with pumped up sneakers, scruffy hair and some pretty intense looking facial jewellery.

In fact, jewellery plays a big part in the McQueen collection, with detailed lapel pins, rings and embellished collars. This kind of opulent embellishment is carried throughout the campaign – appearing on military style jackets, an olive trench coat, and a mustard velvet blazer.

The collection is, of course, still firmly rooted in the classics, featuring sharp shirts, impeccably cut suiting, cropped trousers and knitwear. As far as the colour palette goes, SS17 covers the entire spectrum, from fresh white to cornflower blue, ruby red, yellow, as well as some more avant-garde pieces in leopard and postcard print.

McQueen SS17 isn’t for the fainthearted but it’ll score you some serious fashion points.


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