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Alexander Wang Becomes The Fashion World’s First Apple Music Curator

Fashion and music have long gone together as a winning combination throughout modern history. Today that bond gets even stronger with acclaimed designer Alexander Wang signing on as the first Apple Music curator for the Cupertino company’s upcoming dedicated fashion channel.

The American native’s playlist’s will include categories such as ‘Chill’, ‘Hype’ and ‘Vibe’ or songs that evoke “dark, sexy vibes and turn-up anthems,” according to the new channel’s homepage.

Chill will be specifically curated for the unwinding creative whilst Vibe will feature classic songs with high energy. “It’s good for having people over, drinks; it’s kind of pre-game music,” Wang told Vogue. Hype is self-explanatory and will feature songs that kick up the energy for those heading out.

Followers of Wang on the Apple fashion music channel can expect artists such as Drake and Rihanna. In what’s notably an RnB inspired playlist, Wang also adds that he relies on The Weeknd to decompress after a long day or stay in for the night.

And the origins of the designer’s pickings?


“I would go to the mall in the Timbs and cargo jeans – that definitely stemmed from all the hip-hop music I was listening to,” he said.

“I was always a big fan of Trina, so her whole Diamond Princess album was on constant repeat. I just remember me and my friends, driving my Volkswagen Beetle, blasting Trina through Presidio Heights, Nob Hill, or these really bougie areas in San Francisco. It was really quite hilarious.”

The playlists from Wang will change regularly throughout the year so it’s a sure bet that the tunes will stay as fresh as the man’s designs.


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