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Take Camping To The Next Level In The Armadillo Tea Canopy

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Think conventional tents are for amateurs only? Then the Armadillo Tea Canopy is your ultimate Bear Grylls hideaway in the wild.

Designed by Ron Arad, the Tea Canopy which fittingly resembles an Armadillo, was designed as an independent shell structure for use indoors and outdoors to provide “an intimate enclosure, shelter or place of reflection within a garden, landscape, or large internal space.” It also just looks pretty damn cool.

The canopy is made up of 5 moulded shells, each made of repeatable, modular components which are mechanically-fixed together with exposed fixings and stiffening brackets.


You probably wouldn’t do so well trying to stay out of the rain under one of these bad boys but with a different choice of finishes depending on the purpose (from oiled plywood to durable timber) don’t be surprised if you’re waiting for a bus under one these in the future.

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