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Take Flight With Gabriel Scanu’s Sweeping Drone Aerials Over Australia

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How do you capture the unique and varied corners of the world’s sixth-largest country? With a mix of desert, mountains, rainforest, wetland, grassland, and thousands of kilometres of coastline, Australia’s photogenic geography is prime subject matter for the right lens.

Sydney native Gabriel Scanu offers a striking overview of it all on his Instagram. Using drones, he shoots the country from a high vantage point that offers a unique perspective on both its immense scale and singular details.

Speaking to Wired, Scanu says: “The thing I love most about drone photography is the fact that you can capture scenes from a perspective that they are never usually viewed from. For me that’s a really interesting concept and it allows you to view landscapes in a different light.”

He’s fond of DJI drones like the Phantom 3 Professional, which he has flown over Sydney, Melbourne, and other parts of Southern Australia in search of stunning scenery. Admire a selection of Scanu’s landscapes above and follow him on Instagram for regular updates.



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