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6 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [19.06.16]

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1 of 6|David Gandy|One of Britain's biggest male style icons can rock anything and look good. Even a dog. Besides his flawless style, Gandy can be found on Instagram man handling any dog who's up for a photo op. It's all in good fun and a nice breakup of Gandy in slick suits and threads.
2 of 6|Dwyane Wade|One of our most stylish NBA players knows how to let his hairdown and in good company too. Riding shotgun with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton ona jet ski is just one thing you'll see on Wade's Instagram alongside news of his latest off-court projects.
3 of 6|Chris Pratt|Funny guy Chris Pratt is rather fond of his stunt double in Guardians of the Galazy. So much so that he's featured him various times on his Instagram spruiking his good work. Here's one of them. Keep up with Pratt on Instagram for all things family, behind the scenes and wise-guy jokes.
4 of 6|Robbie Williams|The old school pop-rocker is showing no signs of slowing down with his latest partners in crime being rapper Example and early noughties band Snow Patrol. Keep up with Williams on Instagram to see his latest antics as well as his latest musical projects.
5 of 6|Ricky Gervais|The angry man who can offend anyone in the world and laugh it off is just a boy who wants to have fun. Either that or runaway with a pack of dogs. Follow Gervais on his crazy drinking escapades, quick wit and travels.
6 of 6|Charlize Theron|One of the world's most talented South Africans has officially kicked off duties on the Fast 8 set and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a group photo with some of the world's biggest stars no less. Can you name them all? Sure you can. Keep up with Theron on her set journeys across her films.

Celebrity Instagrams is here for another week and that means we haven’t been reported for stalking celebrities on your behalf just yet.

We’re catching up with cool Brits David Gandy, Robbie Williams and Ricky Gervais this time around to see what these guys do in their spare time. Let’s just say it involves dogs. Lots of dogs. And music.

Elsewhere on Instagram land, NBA star Dwyane Wade is off riding jetskis with none other than Lewis Hamilton whilst Chris Pratt and Charlize Theron are leaving much to be desired with shots from their latest work, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Fast 8.

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