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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [09.06.16]

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It’s time to kick off the work shoe and strap on some racing boots as we run you through five of the hottest motoring stories this week. It’s a quick bunch too with just about every car here designed to be driven hard and fast in its own unique way.

#1 McLaren 675LT Spider Gloss Carbon

Given the 675LT has already ceased production at McLaren, the only way to score one would be to get its bespoke arm McLaren Special Operations to custom build you a special one. This is the story of one particular batch of 25 vehicles which was commissioned through MSO for buyers who wanted the car in more carbon after seeing the P1 version at the Geneva Motor Show. All 25 cars are of course spoken for and will sport 40% more carbon fibre than the standard 675LT. Performance specs meanwhile remain unchanged at 666hp, 0-100km/h in 2.9s and a top speed of 326km/h.

#2 Relive The Animal That Is The A45 AMG

What kind of promotional video does the world’s most powerful four-cylinder production car deserve? Easy. The Mercedes-Benz AMG treatment showcasing the full capabilities of a car we had the pleasure of driving and naming one of our best. This week we’re taking a look back at what makes this hot little pocket rocket so special. All-wheel-drive, 381hp, 485Nm of torque. Watch and listen. The car is out now and will no doubt be music to one’s ears.

#3 Ken Block Meets The Ford Focus RS RX

As internet sensation and rally cross legend Ken Block gears up for another season of World Rally Cross, Ford have put together a short video detailing the conception of his wild Focus RS RX that he’ll be driving. It’s not 100% complete in the video but given that this is a shakedown recap most will have already seen the direction this car has been heading in with its entry into three out of four finals. Shed a tear.

#4 Watch Mark Higgins & Subaru Break The Isle Of Man Record

The man who stunt drives for James Bond for a living and we had the pleasure of speaking to has done it again. Mark Higgins with the help of Prodrive and Subaru have claimed the fastest lap record for a car around the 60km Isle of Man track. The official Subaru film has yet to be released but we’ve found the next best thing in raw footage. Until then have a listen of this maestro behind the wheel and witness his Jedi-like reflexes.

#5 Aston Martin On Ice Is Coming

And it’s nothing like Disney on ice. Actually, it is. If disney had luxury sports cars that made loud noises alongside professional instructors teaching people how to tame these beasts. Initiated as a client program, Art of Living by Aston Martin will showcase the craftsmanship of Aston Martin as well as teaching potential customers how to get the most out of each car. To do this, New Zealand on Ice will see Aston Martin bringing their portfolio of vehicles during the period between 22-28 August 2016 to Queenstown. Guests will be able to drive these cars on ice and test their skill behind the wheel as well as picking up a few tips. to find out how to secure your spot, visit Aston Martin.



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