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10 Podcasts Every Man Should Be Listening To

Maybe you’re late to jump on the Serial bandwagon and feel a little left out, or you’re just looking for a way to make that cold morning commute slightly more bearable. Either way, podcasts have really taken off  in recent years and are a great way to fill your brain with new information on the go and without having to pour over a book or magazine.

Here are our top 10 podcasts that every man should be listening to now.

#1 Serial


It’d be a crime not to mention award-winning podcast Serial in this list. From the creators of This American Life, Sarah Koenig hosts Serial, a series that tells one true story over the course of a season, allowing the plot and characters to change the story’s direction in real time.

Season One of Serial investigated the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, an 18-year-old student at Woodlawn High School in Baltimore. In fact, it was such a hit that it was not only downloaded more than 80 million times but has played a pivotal role in the retrial of the accused Adnan Syed.

Season Two focuses on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier who was held for 5 years by the Taliban, and then arrested for desertion. It’s nail biting and thought provoking stuff and we can guarantee you’ll be binge listening immediately.


#2 Stuff You Should Know


Stuff You Should Know is a free, award-winning podcast and video series published by the HowStuffWorks website and hosted by writers Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant.

Consistently ranked in the Top 10 on iTunes, Stuff You Should Know details the minutia of random topics that will help you start and maintain a conversation wherever you are (a bit like our Pointless & Awesome series).

Recent episodes include “How Gene Editing Works”, “How Bonsai Works” and “True Stories of Survival Cannibalism.” Random, but interesting.


#3 The Nerdist


What does it really mean to be a nerd? That is the question posed by The Nerdist podcast hosted by Chris Hardwick and accompanied by Jonah Ray and Matt Mira.

As Hardwick states on the website, “This podcast is basically just me talking about stuff and things with my two nerdy friends.” Guests featured on the show are varied but almost always relate to stand-up comedy or nerd culture and have included Colin Farrell, Anthony Mackie, Judd Apatow, Ozzy Osbourne, Drew Carey, Bill Gates as well as the cast and crew of Community, Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation.


#4 99% Invisible


Curious about the origin of the fortune cookie? Want to know why Sigmund Freud opted for a couch over an armchair? Then listen to 99% Invisible, a podcast about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about.

Produced by Roman Mars, 99% Invisible focuses on design and architecture and aims to expose the unseen and overlooked aspects of design, architecture, and activity in the world via interviews with architects, experts, or people who have been influenced by design. In short, 99% Invisible is a good way to get cultured quick.


#5 WTF With Marc Maron


Every Monday and Thursday, WTF With Marc Maron releases a new episode featuring interviews with fellow comedians, both old friends and acquaintances of the American podcaster, writer, actor, musician, director and producer.

Some of the personalities featured on the show include Conan O’Brien, Terry Gross, Robin Williams, Keith Richards, Ben Stiller, Lorne Michaels and even President Barack Obama. With more than 6 million downloads each month and 250 million lifetime downloads within its first 6 years, WTF With Marc Maron is a must-listen for all podcast-curious men.


#6 Sex With Strangers


Love a bit of smut? Guilty of sharing too much information? Then you’ll love Chris Sowa’s podcast Sex With Strangers. Sowa traverses the globe having interesting, informative and at times, hilarious conversations about sex…with strangers.

With recent episodes like, “Sex in Tokyo'”, “Grindr in Wyoming” and “Dungeon Fetish Party”, Sowa explores various sexual communities and subcultures thorughout the world.


#7 How To Be Amazing


How To Be Amazing is an in-depth interview show hosted by comedian, author and actor Michael Ian Black who sits down with some of today’s most provocative writers, entertainers, artists, innovative thinkers and politicians for humorous, thought-provoking conversations that dive into the creative process and the intricate minds of some of the most influential voices of our time.

Some of the questions How To Be Amazing aims to answer is “How does someone discover their passion and make it into a successful career?”, “What career setbacks, failures and life experiences have moulded the career of a thriving entrepreneur or award-winning actor?” or “How does somebody go from being the class clown to head writer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon?”


#8 Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin


Did you know that Alec Baldwin hosts a podcast? Yep, and it’s called Here’s The Thing. The podcast features honest conversations between the actor and artists, policy makers and performers on what inspires their creations, what decisions changed their careers, and what relationships influenced their work.

Recent episodes of Here’s The Thing include ‘Anthony Weiner on Term Limits and Text Messages’, ‘Still Plenty of Fight in Mickey Rourke’ and ‘Jimmy Fallon Will Never Make Fun Of You’.


#9 Total Human Optimisation


If you’re more of a gym junkie or fitness freak then The Total Human Optimisation Podcast might more up your alley.

From Aubrey Marcus from Texas-based fitness supplement and equipment company Onnit, the Total Human Optimisation Podcast covers interesting episodes like ‘Carbtroversy’, ‘Steps to a Healthier, More Tolerable You’ and ‘Creating Sustainable Fat Loss w/ Alex McMahon’, and is for the magnificent bastard keen to make living a fit and healthy life his priority.


#10 You Made It Weird


From The Nerdist boys, You Made It Weird is a semi-weekly podcast hosted by comedian Pete Holmes who asks his guests about three ‘weird’ things he knows about them.

Since the podcast began in 2011, the topics covered have evolved into a much looser conversation about complex things like comedy, religion and sexuality and has featured iconic comedians like Judd Apatow, Hannibal Buress, Dane Cook, Zach Galifinakis, Jon Hamm, Jimmy Kimmel, Ray Romano and Sarah Silverman.



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