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Boeing’s New 787 Business Jet Is The Flying Penthouse You Can’t Afford

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Penthouses are often a fickle affair what with all that gleaming empty space to clean and the pesky peasants living below you cramping your style. Your life really couldn’t be any fuller of despair.

Thankfully there’s a solution in the belly of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner – a private jet modified by aviation consultancy group, Kestal Aviation. Pierrejean Design Studios and Greenpoint Technologies who helped design the interior of the flying penthouse ensured that no nook or cranny was neglected with luxury bespoke appointments taking more than two years to engineer, fabricate and implement.

This leaves the lucky passengers with 223 square metres of prime penthouse space in the skies to play with during 17-hour non-stop flight times. If you’re a good friend, there’s even room for 39 of your best Snapchat pals.


The cost for ultimate bragging rights? US$325 million. Shut up and take my money. We’ll put the rest on credit.

  • Tom

    wow….love it

  • Steven Cox

    As you fly over those who can’t feed their own children, or who have been displaced by war – you can sit back, relax and ask yourself a really poignant question. Are you worth it?

  • Jerry Noneofyourbizz

    Only $325 million, you say? Oh, I’ll take two!

  • Richard Lee “Manitou47” T.

    Say Steven Cox…I am guessing that you drive an SUV and that SUV probably gets crappy gas mileage and cost well in excess of $30,000 to purchase. A ten year old used car for $3,000 would probably carry your keester around just as well. So….are you worth?? It is all relative. Practice what you preach.

  • Dennis E Sullens

    Why the 787 as a base platform? The 777-200ER has a long range also, will not burn you to cinders as the lightning strike vulnerable composite aircraft will, and was properly tested to certified drawings instead of uncertifiied sketches as the 787 was. Who says? I was 29 years in Quality Assurance. I say!!! I testified to the FAA in 2013 when the 787’s were all grounded.

  • Grant Summers

    I think that after spending many hours in a 777, I certainly would prefer a 787 for long haul flights. Passengers and crew both state that the increased humidity allowed in a composite aircraft significantly reduces a person’s fatigue and dehydration levels. I imagine that would be a major deal for a rich businessman.

  • Jon

    Why do you assume every person doing something expensive that you can’t is necessarily doing so by war profit or is evil? That is so ignorant and rude, and it is fitting people like you do not enjoy luxuries like this very often because whenever you do you’re the absolute worst!

  • Jon

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a 787 Business Jet??! I’m tired all my lifetime, no help from my friends…

  • Dennis E Sullens

    Yes, greater humidity, larger windows, larger over-head stowage, Cooool LED lights….it is a fire hazard, it is NOT air-worthy, it is vulnerable to lightning strikes, it was not inspected with certified drawings. The nextgen GE engines are not reliable. Just check the FAA failure rate, it will supprise you how many fail in cross pacific/atlantic flights. Screw the humidity, I want to arrive alive, not dead.


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