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Watch Claudio Caluori Navigate The Daunting Fort William Mountain Bike Track

He’s renowned as mountain biking’s biggest mouth and Claudio Caluori shows everyone exactly why in his latest attempt at the United Kingdom’s Fort William track.

Completed for the UCI MTB World Cup, Caluori was asked along to the Red Bull competition to help audiences and fans experience what the new 2016 course is like. According to Caluori’s on-board commentary, it was a whole lot of “weeeeee….oh shit, wrong line!”

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Such is the masterful craft of his commentary that Caluori even refers to him in the third person during the epic downhill run.

It’s commendable to see how fast these guys navigate through treacherous terrain on two wheels but everything seems to be made more enjoyable with Caluori squealing like a little wimp the whole way down.

A career as an overzealous marriage celebrant in the future? Here’s hoping.


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