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Watch Insane Climbers Illegally Scale The Eiffel Tower

We’ve seen it all before. Random European guy with balls of steel and a penchant for selfies evades the authorities to scale a renowned monument. Smiles, great footage and a lovely fine ensue.

Only this time things look especially daunting and that monument is the Eiffel Tower. Taking on such a feat is no longer child’s play with a high security contingency surrounding landmarks with machine guns and the risk of falling to one’s death a real certainty.

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On this particular day in Paris the weather looked horrendous as the two daredevils snuck onto the structure in the early hours of the morning. Add to this the recent risks of terrorism and the riots from the local Euro 2016 Football Tournament and the chances of getting caught were pretty much set in stone.

The climbers eventually made it to the top where one teeters over the edge for a cool shot. The scale of the operation even involved a drone which flew next to the climbers to capture all of the action in its cinematic glory. Alas, it was reported that even the drone crashed due to the gnarly weather.

All worth it for YouTube fame, right? Some would beg to differ.


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