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Everyone’s Talking About These Concept Images Of The 2016 MacBook Pro

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With rumours swirling that the iPhone 7 is getting a major makeover, Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro could be in for a transformation of its own.

The upcoming MacBook is expected to debut a variety of new features, but none is more hotly anticipated than the OLED panel that could replace the function keys at the top of the keyboard. Although the change has yet to be officially confirmed, designer Martin Hajek has created a series of 3D renderings that illustrate what the new MacBook might look like.

The dynamic OLED touch panel would bring about more functionality and display additional information to complement what’s on the screen. In Hajek’s images, for example, you can see the panel display controls for Spotify while the app is open. Another image imagines what Siri running on a MacBook Pro might look like.


Visit the source for the full selection of Hajek’s impressive concept images and start saving your spare change.


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