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6 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [11.06.16]

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1 of 6|JK Simmons|The 61-year-old British actor has been putting the youngsters in their place with this image of him working out for his upcoming role in DC Comics' Justice League. Simmons will portray police commissioner Gordon in the film which oddly doesn't require him to be this ripped. But hey, you only live once right? Especially when it comes to superhero movies.
2 of 6|Russell Westbrook|The most stylish man in the NBA gets three points from us both on and off the court. Besides his on-court NBA exploits, Westbrook's Instagram also showcases some of his most fashionable shots and outfits. Definitely follow-worthy if you love fashion as much as the court.
3 of 6|Diplo|Diplo is proving that Thomas Pentz wasn't always the cool guy who's the life of the party. He recently posted this throwback of him in high school which is hilarious to say the least. No drops here, just a great 80s haircut and that signature Diplo swagger.
4 of 6|Dominic Purcell|One popular Australian actor doing the good work whilst giving us an insight into the new Prison Break series is Dominic Purcell. This particular shot was taken from Morocco where the new season is being filmed. More importantly it was just before Purcell had an iron bar fall on his head from a film set, splitting his head open. Luckily Purcell is fine and now kicking about as normal, albeit with a few scars.
5 of 6|Allison Stokke|The American pole vaulter who shot to fame almost ten years ago is still an internet force to reckon with and in finer shape than ever. Today Stokke is a GoPro athlete who documents her daily training regime for the world to see. A true celebrity of track and field in her own respect.
6 of 6|Drake|You know the name and you know this rapper's game. Drake recently showed his support for Juventas by rocking the pink jersey alongside pink shades. And a glass of champers sitting atop a Rolls-Royce for good measure. Welcome to Champagnepapi's world.

Another edition of celebrity Instagrams is upon us and that means a bit of FOMO and a lot of stalking on our behalf.

This week we’re catching up with British actor JK Simmons who this week set the internet on fire when his personal trainer posted a photo of him lifting weights. To the untrained eye this would be a normal activity amongst most men but lest we forget, Simmons is actually 61-years-old and still kicking ass. If he looks familiar, it’s because he also played the Daily Bugle Editor J.Jonah Jameson in the first Spiderman film.

Elsewhere on the social media site we’re catching up with Drake in his Juventas get up, Russell Westbrook being stylish as hell, Diplo looking nothing like the cool guy he is today and Aussie actor Dominic Purcell doing the good work whilst on set for the new season of Prison Break.

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