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10 Cool Japanese Apartments That Will Blow Your Mind

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1 of 10|ZOYA Design Office
2 of 10|Ishibe House|Alts Design Office
3 of 10|Malibara House|ALTS Design Office
4 of 10|Complex|FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects
5 of 10|Koro House|Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates
6 of 10|Framing House|Form/Kouichi Kimura Architects
7 of 10|Fujigaoka M|Sinato Architects
8 of 10|BoxBox|H Architects Studio
9 of 10|Yoyogi-Uehara Residence|Cap Design Studio
10 of 10|FLAT40|Keisuke Kawaguchi + K2-Design

From carefully crafted cuisine to daring fashion statements, the Japanese clearly have no shortage of style. This sense of individualism and innovation also crosses over to living quarters of Japan‘s locals.

As one of the world’s densely populated countries, Japan have long been experts in making the most of small spaces and turning them into bold and stylish homes that are mimicked around the world.

From lush, light-filled hideaways to minimalist concrete bachelor pads and high end homes full of magnificent bastard-approved materials like wood, stone, fur and suede, here are our top picks of the coolest Japanese apartments sure to blow your mind and give your some serious micro-envy.

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