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Cristiano Ronaldo Trades Up The Good Life In Nike’s New Football Film

Love him or loath him, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s most talented football stars who also happens to command US$50 million a year excluding his lucrative sponsorship deals.

In his latest epic advertisement for Nike Football called ‘The Switch’ which looks more like a short film, the Real Madrid superstar encounters an on-field accident that sees him switching bodies with a young football fan. The story then follows the two traded bodies as they learn to juggle their new lives through a shared passion for football.

The youngster as Ronaldo has to learn how to play football (as well as driving) at professional level again whilst Ronaldo as the child rises the ranks to the Premiere League.

This eventually leads the pair to the field again where the players go head to head.

The cool advertisement was created to showcase Nike’s latest ‘Spark Brilliance’ campaign. Those behind the production couldn’t have picked a more engaging story which eschews on every football fan’s childhood dream. Be sure to watch the full six-minute clip above, not that you’ll need any convincing.


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