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Get The Celebrity Look For Less: Dwyane Wade, Alexander Skarsgård & Jeff Goldblum

Still rocking that Ed Hardy shirt from way back in 2005? Don’t be that guy. It’s time for a wardrobe overhaul and we’ve got the right goods to help you do it. This week’s celebrity style steal comes from three very distinguished gentlemen in the form of Jeff GoldblumAlexander Skarsgård and NBA heavyweight Dwyane Wade. Watch, listen, steal.


Breaking It Down

This week’s style inspiration comes courtesy of fifty shades of black. The classic tone mixed with pops of white can do wonders for just about any outfit and these are the three coolest ways to pull them off in 2016. From the stylish smarts of Goldblum to the cocktail dress code of Skarsgård to the chic streetwear of Wade, these are your three leading men in fashion for the week.

Jeff Goldblum


Jeff Goldblum has been in the Hollywood game for longer than most of us can remember. His hair may have greyed but his impeccable sense of style has only flourished over the years. Not one to follow trends, Goldblum continues to carve his own fashion niche which is often a combination of clean contemporary looks paired with a subtle rock star twist.

Jacket: Topman – £180.00
Trousers: ASOS – $39
Shirt: ASOS – $140
Shoes: Converse – $100
Belt: Politix – $59.25

Alexander Skarsgård


Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård can do no wrong in cocktail guise. Always primed for the red carpet, Skarsgård relies on fine detailing and fabric patterns to set himself apart from the conservative crowd without stepping out of dress code line. His winning combination here is a semi-metallic sheen tuxedo jacket which can be brought down a notch with a similar black and white gingham tuxedo jacket. The rest is common knowledge with tuxedo pants, heavily polished dress shoes and a classic black bow tie rounding out the look. Also don’t forget a classic black strap watch.

Jacket: ASOS – $238
Trousers: H&M – $59.95
Shirt: ASOS – $43.27
Bow Tie: The Tie Bar – $19
Shoes: Aquila – $329

Dwyane Wade


Forming part of the NBA’s best dressed men is all-round towering guy Dwyane Wade. Wade takes the luxe-athleisure approach to fashion show hopping and he manages to pull it off flawlessly in classic black with tonal shifts across all four garments. Choosing the right shoes, bottoms, shirt and outer layer is all it takes to make this look work. Given the continual rise of high end street wear and sneakers, scoring Wade’s look is rather easy and won’t break the budget. As Marge once said, here comes the Shaq-attack.

Jacket: Topman – £50.00
Pants: New Balance – $97.36
Shirt: ASOS – $34.62
Shoes: Converse – $180

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