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Flexiroam X Is The New Device Saving Travellers From Expensive Data

The following article has been sponsored by Flexiroam X

Picture this: you’ve finally arrived in a country you’ve been longing to cross off your bucket list. The sights, sounds, and smells are unfamiliar and exhilarating. You settle into the nearest internet-equipped cafe to get your bearings and upload your first travel pic to Instagram.

There’s something romantic about being a stranger in a foreign land, ensconced in a series of quaint cafes to get your Wi-Fi fix. But the romance ends when you realise the cappuccinos are devouring half your travel budget and the connection is so slow it might as well be 1996 dial-up.

A revolutionary roaming solution is set to redefine the way travellers stay connected while abroad, making a caffeine hit the only reason you’ll need a coffee shop.

Meet Flexiroam X

Nomads, meet your new best friend. Flexiroam X is the game-changing travel hack that will redefine data consumption for jetsetters of all kinds.

The secret to its power is a proprietary microchip-embedded film that’s thinner than a sheet of A4 paper. Apply it once to your existing SIM card, start earning free data, and soon you’ll have a low-cost alternative to the exorbitant roaming fees charged by telecommunications providers back home.

Users can earn up to 100GB of free data by interacting with the app, referring friends, or participating in data giveaways and events. It’s a seamless and affordable way to stay connected in over 100 countries across the globe – and could one day be as essential to your packing list as deodorant.

How It Works

To try it for yourself, download the Flexiroam X app for iOS or Android and register for a free account. You’ll unlock 100MB of data just for signing up. To earn even more, start exploring the app. You can collect more free data – up to 100GB – by completing tasks like watching quick videos, inputting special codes, or sharing the app on your social accounts. The more you use it, the more you earn.

When you’ve built up your bank and are ready to take it abroad, order the X Starter Pack to get your X Microchip. The pack is free and will be delivered to your doorstep in 3-5 working days for $5 USD. Follow the enclosed directions to attach the ultra-slim X Microchip to your existing SIM. Apply it once and it’s good any time you travel.

The final piece of the puzzle is your yearly membership. You can currently subscribe to X Membership for $9.99 USD to use your free data for up to 12 months. The data you accumulate remains valid for as long as you have an active membership.

With the X Microchip in place and your subscription in effect, you can switch smoothly between Flexiroam’s network and your existing network. Use the Flexiroam X network for connection when you’re away and swap to your existing network when you’re at home for calls and SMS. You can expect up to 4G data speed for as long as you have the same SIM card. Watch the video below for a proper walk through.

Why It’s Worth A Shot

Flexiroam X has just launched in Australia! Why give it a try? Here are four reasons for starters.

#1 It Keeps You Connected

In our increasingly connected age, travellers are more data-hungry than ever. Your epic holiday won’t give your friends FOMO if you can’t regularly update your Facebook status, and a business trip is drastically simplified if you don’t have to stress about missing important emails. Flexiroam X helps you share your adventures, work without worry, and keep up with everything happening back home.

#2 It Won’t Break The Bank

Flexiroam X charges are few and far between. A yearly membership and a one-time shipping fee are all you need to roam free, as the first time membership subscription comes with a free starter pack. Should you find yourself in a pinch and require immediate access to the Flexiroam X network, you can purchase the 1GB Xtra Data Pack for $30 USD. All users have the ability to earn up to 100GB of data in a few ways. For example, referring a friend to Flexiroam X will earn you 100MB.

#3 It’s Flexible And Fast

When you’re on the road, flexibility is key. You never know what life might throw your way or when an unexpected dose of wanderlust could inspire spontaneity. Flexiroam X lets you decide how much data you need and how much time you want to devote to earning it.

#4 It’s Easy

You have plenty to think about while travelling already, so why add another worry? Flexiroam X streamlines an important part of the process – more data, for fewer dollars, and you only need to apply the X Microchip once. After that you can pack up and go whenever inspiration strikes, and your upgraded mobile will keep you connected in over 100 countries worldwide.

Follow Flexiroam X on Instagram for incredible travel inspiration, and check them out on Facebook to stay updated with what’s happening.

Special Offer For D’Marge Readers

Flexiroam X is offering D’Marge readers 300mb of free data on their Flexiroam X account when using the special promotional code: DMARGE. This special offer is valid until the 14th of June and to take advantage follow these steps:

1. Download the app (iOS | Android)
2. Register
3. Validate mobile
4. Go to Unlock Free Data
5. Click on Apply promo code
6. Enter the code: DMARGE

1. Each code is unique
2. Can only be applied once to receive a free 1-year subscription

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