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6 Ways To Dress Better At The Gym

Style is invading the gym-scene, too. But before images of decked-out dudes pumping iron derail your workout routine, knowing how to dress for the gym isn’t so much about the hottest patterns and colours, as it is about getting purposeful with what we wear while we sweat. And how best to style that each and every workout.

From tech-infused active wear to colour coordinated kit, here are 6 ways to dress better at the gym. You’ll be feeling fit, even before breaking a sweat.

#1 Warm up well

To take your gym-game to the next level, you want smart design and a tailored fit before and after your workout. The tracksuit (once relegated to dads and bogans) is this season’s gym investment piece, wearing it to and from your local centre. Like a suit, it’s available as a two-piece, or as separates, rocking a patterned jacket solo over contrast coloured sweat pants or even shorts.

Sounds ridiculous? Not when you consider tracksuits are now just as luxurious as business suits; made from tailoring-derived fabrics (cotton, cashmere or merino wool) and crafted in slim-fit, fashionable silhouettes. And the tracksuit is designed for wear on rest days too. Chuck on a topcoat or wear the jacket open with a tee.

Brands: Hugo Boss ($500) Tracksuit Jacket BUY, Bottoms BUY, H&M ($100) BUY.

#2 Invest In Tech

TechYou’re meant to go hard in the gym. So your clothes should put some effort in, too. Lycra-onesies aside, all you need is one or two technical, top-of-the-line items to make your workout more effective – and stylish. Read the fine-print (that is, the label) to ensure your next piece of gear actually boasts moisture-wicking technology, odour-fighting components and light and heat reflectors. Cause some pieces just look tech-y (“insert mechanical stripe here”).

Helping tech look cooler, fashion brands are releasing their own sports lines and activewear giants are honing on men’s style trends to appease our need to look good in the gym. Isn’t that why we’re there, anyway? To look and feel better.

Brands: Lacoste Sport T-Shirt ($50) BUY, Under Armour Shorts ($40) BUY

#3 Au Natural

PlainWhile you’ll be wearing workout gear, you don’t have to look like a sports freak. Void of neon hues or light-reflecting stripes, the natural sports look is reminiscent of days gone by when health was more about getting the run done, and social fresh air with mates, than how you look – flexed and pumped-up in front of mirror. In a nod to vintage sports, minimal brands are producing neutral coloured t-shirts and jersey shorts. And, the natural-feel kit even has moisture wicking capabilities and breathable technology woven into its very fabric.

Your clothes don’t need gargantuan logos, garish colours and cheesy slogans like ‘beast’ or ‘assassin’ to be gym-accepted. In fact, they can draw attention for all the wrong reasons. No-one likes a Flash Gordon distracting them from their power set.

Brands: Iffley Road Shirt ($120) BUY, Sunspel Shorts ($150) BUY

#4 Colour Co-ordinate

ColoirOpting for a bright colour or print will do a lot for your sweat-game. But there are rules. Avoid colour-on-colour ensembles of bright hues that don’t match. Instead, throw in a neutral-coloured piece – black, charcoal, navy or white – to anchor your look.

Then – keeping it clean and simple – co-ordinate two or three colours that are tonal or analogous on the colour wheel. That is, mint green and limey yellow or navy and cobalt blue. Incorporate some stripes (to make you run faster) and your’e on point. To lighten the black base, go for a light grey sneaker.

Brands: Lululemon Shorts ($80) BUY, Nike Jacket ($120) BUY

#5 Fall Back On Black

BlackAccording to retail data experts Editd, black continues to be the most purchased colour by men. And why not? It’s versatile and looks good on everyone. In a gym-sense, black is instantly slimming – perfect for the larger gent. And, black hides the sweat after punishing yourself on the treadmill.

Still noirish, inject a digital printed t-shirt in black-and-white for a bit of pattern into the mix. Or opt for a black shirt with a jacquard weave, so the print is ‘ingrained’ into the shirt, noticeable up close. Plus, it adds texture to a matte-black palette.

Brands: Uniqlo Shirt ($20) BUY, Zanerobe Rec Shorts ($80) BUY

#6 Don’t Forget The Details

DetailsIt’s the little things, those easily forgotten details that aren’t really seen, which make a high-intensity exercise session more endurable. Quality briefs and socks are a must when working out.

Cotton-made tech-injected jocks will provide support and any slippage mid-squat, and lightweight ankle socks provide extra comfort and moisture absorption in your sneakers. Mittens for outside runs and a beanie will help with the temptation to take days off. The final must-have accessory? Earbuds. Fitting securely and lightly, now blast your power tune to get you through that last kilometre of your run.

Brands: Calvin Klein Performance Underwear ($40) BUY, Beats Wireless Earbuds ($260) BUY


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