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Industrial Paradise Prague Loft By Formafatal

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The neon “dream” sign hanging on the wall says everything: this industrial Prague loft is a sophisticated, stylish dream home for the modern man.

Designed by Formafatal, Loft Hřebenky was crafted from the ground up. A complicated floor plan called for extra creativity. The architect designed 44 pieces of furniture to fit within the unconventional layout. Additional pieces were added to complete the look, most of which were from the 1950s.

The loft clocks in at 85 square metres (approx. 915 square feet). A large terrace off the main living area adds additional square footage and allows light to flood the space. The owner gave Formafatal full control over the redesign, which became a refined blend of modern elegance and the building’s original industrial character.

Plaster was removed from the walls and ceiling of the kitchen and replaced with concrete prefab boards for a raw feel. The floors are cement to complement the look, and earth tones are paired with greys and black for an overall cohesive space. It’s not like you need another reason to visit notoriously beautiful Prague, but this doesn’t hurt.


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