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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [06.06.16]

With the wild weather tearing through the east coast of Australia over the weekend, staying in to Netflix and chill was high on everybody’s agenda, making it even harder to make it out of bed this morning and back into the working week.

We are here to ease your wet weather woes with another addition of Pointless and Awesome. From tacky tattoo trends to the legacy of Muhammad Ali, saucy Pornhub findings, new emojis and how to cook the perfect burger, it’s time to procrastinate.

#1 The Trends Tattoo Artists Are Sick Of


Thinking about inking up? Well before you start picking which font to ink your Carpe Diem, or god forbid, where you’re going to get your Southern Cross, take a moment to review the tattoo trends that artists themselves are sick of, via a new thread of Reddit. 

  1. Generic, ‘deep phrases’ in Asian scripts. P.s. 火鸡三明治 apparently means turkey sandwich.
  2. Tattoos of peoples faces.
  3. Any combination of the words: dream, laugh, hope, love, live, dance – “build your own inspirational quote.”
  4. Unattractive, ugly crosses.
  5. Ankh symbols.

#2 Things You Might Not Know About Muhammad Ali


“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. One of the world’s greatest sporting figures, Muhammad Ali, sadly passed away last week at age 74. As well as dishing out some pretty poignant life advice, there are plenty of interesting things you might not know about the boxing legend. Here are 10 surprising Ali facts, via

  1. A bicycle launched his boxing career: When Muhammad Ali (formerly known as Cassius Clay) was 12 and his bicycle was stolen, he reported the theft to local police and vowed to pummel the culprit. Officer Joe Martin, who was also a boxing trainer, suggested the youngster learn how to fight first. He took him under his wing and a 6 weeks later, Clay won he first bout in a split decision.
  2. Ali was banned from boxing for 3 years: During the Vietnam War, Ali refused to serve in the U.S. military for religious reasons. The New York State Athletic Commission immediately suspended his boxing license and stripped him of his title, he was convicted of draft evasion, sentenced to a maximum of 5 years in prison and fined $10K, although in 1971 his conviction was overturned.
  3. Ali starred in a Broadway musical: During his 3 years off from boxing, Ali appeared in the title role of the musical ‘Buck White’ in 1969.
  4. Ali has Irish roots: Muhammad Ali’s great-grandfather Abe Grady was an Irishman who emigrated to the U.S. and settled in Kentucky in the 1860s.
  5. His Olympic gold medal may be at the bottom of a river: At 18, Ali traveled to Rome and won the light heavyweight gold medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics. He wrote in his 1975 autobiography that after returning from the Olympics he threw his gold medal off a bridge into the Ohio river to protest the racism he still encountered in his hometown.

#3 Pornhub Reveals What Gets Men & Women Off The Fastest


If you thought your porn-surfing habits were anonymous, think again. Pornhub are monitoring all your habits online, including what you watch, when you watch it and how long you watch it for. With more than 20 million unique visitors a day, it’s no surprise that they’ve most recently found out the kinds of porn that gets men and women off the fastest. Here’s the surprising and strange list, via Vice.

  • Red Head (163 seconds faster than average)
  • Hentai (152 seconds faster)
  • Blonde (150 seconds faster)
  • College (141 seconds faster)
  • Small Tits (134 seconds faster)

And as for the women‘s top five:

  • Handjob (169 seconds faster)
  • Solo Male (116 seconds faster)
  • College (105 seconds faster)
  • Asian (68 seconds faster)
  • Gangbang (50 seconds faster)

#4 The World Is About To Get 72 New Emojis


Emojis. Who would’ve thought that we could say so much without words. It’s time to clink your digital champagne glasses because the Unicode Consortium just gave approval to a whopping 72 new emojis set to arrive this month.

The fresh batch of emojis will include an avocado, a croissant, a dumpling and bacon on the food and drink end of the spectrum, but there will also be other gems like a shrugging face, a shaka symbol, a lying face with fitting ‘pinocchio nose’, an arm taking a selfie and a pregnant woman, because why the hell not?

There will also be a classy motor scooter, whisky glass and individual fist-bump emoji for all the magnificent bastards out there.

Check out the full run down of new emojis here.

#5 Ways You’re Grilling Burgers Wrong


When the weather outside is miserable, getting your dude food on and tucking into a juicy burger couldn’t sound more appealing. While grilling a burger isn’t exactly rocket science, there are plenty of ways you can mess it up and end up with a dense piece of chewy coal. Here are some common burger mistakes according to Adam Perry Lang, author of Serious Barbecue, via Thrillist.

  1. Encouraging flare-ups: “You’re going to be in trouble if you have a high-fat burger on a very hot grill. You’e going to get too much crust before the burger even cooks.”
  2. Going thin and lean: “It’ll dry out. Go with a thicker burger so the juicy texture comes from the slightly undercooked, medium-rare meat. It holds on to more of that juiciness because it’s thicker.”
  3. Letting the burgers rest after cooking: “I understand the concept, that it lets the temperature penetrate a little bit more, but burgers for me are more about the crust and juiciness, so I’m not in that camp…by the time you put it on the bun and hand it to somebody, the concept of resting just kind of happens.”
  4. Letting the bun get soggy: “One thing that essentially eliminates a soggy bun is if you just put the cold cheese on the bottom of the bread and place the burger on top. It acts a liquid barrier for that bread.”
  5. Cutting patties to check wellness: “You should definitely not pierce or cut into burgers while cooking. One thing I would say is that for a thicker burger, an instant-read thermometer is gold.”


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