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Jason Statham Returns For More Explosions In ‘Mechanic: Ressurection’

Never saw the first Mechanic? Too bad. They’ve made a second one and it sees the return of Jason Statham alongside stars like Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones.

In this adrenaline pumping sequel, Arthur Bishop must repay the debts incurred by a deceitful woman played by Alba. The mission is an extensive hit list provided by her abductors – a move which draws Bishop right back to the violent life he left behind.

It’s all guns blazing and some of the most inventive ways to kill people you’ll see on the big screen with Statham playing the same character he is in every film – that’s not necessarily a bad thing by the way – and Tommy Lee Jones playing a Hugh Hefner-inspired character who gets spared from the assassination hit list.

The action film hits theatres on August 26. Pew, pew.


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