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Brands You Need To Know About: Jupe By Jackie

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We’re back at it again with the men’s fashion brands you need to know about so you’ve got your finger firmly on the pulse and so your wardrobe isn’t looking like a broken record.

This week we’re all about Jupe by Jackie.


STORY: Dutch fashion designer Jackie Villevoye is the brains behind the aptly named Jupe by Jackie, a permanent collaboration with master embroiderers in the Indian Province of Uttar Pradesh. The craft of these embroiderers is passed from one generation to the next and is a 15 year journey from boy to man, with a childhood completely devoted to learning this intricate craft. Jupe by Jackie has, over the span of 6 years, distinguished itself through its hand embroidered designs that strive to support and nourish the intricate, time-consuming process and heritage of embroidery.

LOOK: Jupe by Jackie men’s collection is formed of ties, bow ties, pocket squares, scarf ties as well as hand embroidered shirts.

NEWS: Jupe by Jackie Spring/Summer 2017 is a comfortable and versatile collection for the man that values detail. Short-sleeved button up shirts, tee’s and comfy jogger jeans in navy, white and neutrals are hand embroidered with geometric patterns and shapes to take your basics to the next level.

PRICE RANGE: A Jupe by Jackie t-shirt will set you back $215, while an embroidered tie can cost up to $600.

RETAILERS: Jupe by Jackie is stocked worldwide but in Australia you can find the brand online.


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