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Get The Celebrity Look For Less: Justin Theroux’s Biker Style

It’s time to revamp your threads with some stylish intervention from the world’s best dressed celebrities. Helping the thread train this week is American actor Justin Theroux, or more commonly recognised as Jennifer Aniston’s impeccably dressed man bag.

It’s all going to be about one of Theroux’s defining looks – the modern cafe racer.


Breaking It Down

The modern biker look or more specifically the cafe racer is a rugged outfit that’s been championed by a many dapper men. David Beckham owns it, Jeff Goldblum rocks the old man version of it and Justin Theroux uses it as a staple ensemble.

Fundamentally the look is curated ruggedness, a combination of a classic bomber which is cut slimmer to the body when compared to traditional bombers. The skinny jeans also follow this same slim fit before being shod in black. What remains is a simple tweak of the base layer in which Theroux changes up depending on season (hoodie or tee), a pair of heavy duty leather boots and you have the perfect biker pedigree for the modern age.

As an aside, the leather boots don’t have to be new – the more worn in they are the more character it adds to the outfit. Top everything off with a pair of aviators and you’ll be treading on Tom Cruise territory circa Top Gun. Just don’t be caught out on a moped.


Jacket: ASOS – $47.60
Jeans: H&M – $69.95
Shirt: ASOS – $17.30
Shoes: Aquila – $159.00
Hoodie: Topman – £55.00
Sunglasses: ASOS – $32.45

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