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These Infuriating & Pointless Products Are Designed To Annoy You

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If you think Ikea makes shoddy goods, wait until you see these. Katerina Kamprani is an Athens-based architect whose project “The Uncomfortable” intentionally evokes feelings of extreme frustration via poorly designed, pointless products.

Kamprani gives everyday objects the Frankenstein treatment, rearranging their familiar shapes into something that forces us to think about how we use them. Her takes, however, wouldn’t get much use even if you could order them off Amazon. Some will find them fun and witty, others will find them inexplicably aggravating.

There’s a watering can with a spout angled directly back into itself. Floppy flatware is constructed from chains and rings. Chairs are set at odd angles. These deliberately inconvenient objects might irritate you now, but next time you have to attend a wedding for someone you hate, you’ll be wishing you could give one as a gift.


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