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Get The Celebrity Look For Less: Lewis Hamilton, Russell Westbrook & Harry Styles

It’s time to leave behind the threads mother picked up for you back in 2002. Divine wardrobe inspiration has arrived for another week and this time we’re taking from three of the world’s most talented. So take a backseat as we show you guys the more frugal way to dressing like Russell Westbrook, Harry Styles and Lewis Hamilton.


Breaking It Down

Three leading men in their respective fields makes for a diverse look across this week’s celebrity wardrobe steal.

First up we have the eclectic wardrobe of NBA star Russell Westbrook who is renowned for spicing up the game off court with his bold approach to patterns and colour blocking. Moving across the spectrum we have Formula One superstar Lewis Hamilton who counts pop stars like Justin Bieber a friend. His dress sense is also one that stands out from the crowd, often experimenting with wild experimental cuts and bright colours. Finally we have One Directioner Harry Styles who is a chameleon when it comes to style. His less flamboyant and more wearable look will be the focus of this edition’s style steal. Let’s get into it.

Russell Westbrook


Considered one of the most fashion-forward players in the game today, Westbrook has graced a many magazine covers in suits and all manner or contemporary streetwear threads. Not one to shy away from loud colours and explosive patterns, this particular look by Westbrook will suit the man who is both expressive and confident of out and about town. To score Westbrook’s look for a fraction of the price, look no further than a bomber from Topman which is also reversible if you want to turn down the colour a notch to black. The rest of the outfit is standard textbook stuff with distressed denim and a longline white tee from ASOS. Round out the look with a pair of red Converse high tops and you’ve got a cool slice of the the Westbrook look. Three points.

Jacket: Topman – £60.00
Shirt: ASOS – $17.30
Jeans: ASOS – $47.60
Shoes: Converse – $50

Lewis Hamilton


Often found galavanting about town in the hottest designer fashion gear and an even hotter car, Lewis Hamilton can afford to splurge on pretty much any exorbitant piece of clothing. That doesn’t mean you need to follow suit with an ultra expensive suit. Take Hamilton’s smart casual look with a Summer twist using a linen or stone-coloured herringbone suit. Topman have the perfect offering in this case which pairs perfectly with a burgundy slim fit shirt from ASOS and Aquilia dress shoes. Top off the simple yet classy look with a pair of sunnies from Topman. Looking like an F1 playboy just got a whole lot easier.

Suit: Topman – £160.00
Shirt: ASOS – $34.60
Shoes: Aquila – $179
Sunglasses: Topman – £18.00

Harry Styles


Regarded as the most stylish band member of One Direction, Harry Styles has held the mantle for his winning pop star looks (and locks that Ron Jeremy would die for). Our focus today is on Styles’ airport fashion which really isn’t what normal people look like walking off a plane. But we digress. Score this dressed down and very cool look with a simple marl blazer from H&M before pairing it with an ASOS burgundy check shirt and skinny jeans by Cheap Monday. The complete look is finished off with suede boots and a hat from ASOS. Apply carefully and wait for screaming girls.

Blazer: H&M – $89.95
Shirt: ASOS – $47.60
Jeans: Cheap Monday – $119
Hat: ASOS – $69.20
Shoes: ASOS – $97.30

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