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Megan Irwin Skinny Dips For Tim Swallow

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If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’re dreaming about the balmy summer days that are soon to come. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, you’re dreaming about the summer days that suddenly seem so far away. Either way, you’ll wish you were spending them with the angelic Megan Irwin.

The natural beauty recently hit the great outdoors for a sunset photoshoot with Tim Swallow. During her late afternoon romp, Irwin captains a row boat, tries her hand at a rope swing, and goes for a refreshing skinny dip.

As we’ve seen previously in his photos for Monster Children and his video series If We Die Tomorrow, Swallow is a master of combining Mother Nature with au naturel models. This shoot, and the accompanying video, are prime additions to his already top-notch portfolio. View the full collection of images on Swallow’s website.


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