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Get The Celebrity Look For Less: Miguel, Brad Pitt & Ryan Reynolds

Your wardrobe no longer needs to be a sad place with this week’s best dressed celebrities offering a helping hand. As your guiding light we’re hitting up veteran actor Brad Pitt in classic brown, singer Miguel rocking the denim-on-denim and superhero dad Ryan Reynolds showing us how Summer chill is done.


Breaking It Down

Three very eclectic looks dominate this week’s edition of getting the look for less. Brad Pitt is channelling a classic British ensemble complete with multiple layers whilst Miguel is working the stone washed denim like a champ. Fonally we have Ryan Reynolds who epitomises the L.A Summer cool with a simple yet effective outfit. Let’s get into it.

Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt is one of those versatile Hollywood guys who can pull off just about any look. Foregoing his daggy norm of an unkempt beard, scruffy hair and dad clothes, Pitt is a style icon when he feels like it. Case in point, this brown three-piece suit with a killer layering combo. It’s a simple case of working with a well-fitted suit then making the dull brown contrast with a grey waistcoat, chambray shirt, patterned tie and scarf. Keep the boots in tan and you have a cheaper alternative to the celebrity’s winning looks.

Suit: ASOS – $237.99
Waistcoat: ASOS – $69.23
Shirt: H&M – $24.95
Tie: Tie Bar – $19.00
Scarf: Kathmandu – $42.00
Shoes: Florshein – $269.95



The American entertainer who loves to sing his little heart out has gone on his own style revolution over the years since his gnarly stage dive gone wrong. Luckily, his outfits are on point these days and this particular one shows off how to rock double denim without looking like Justin Timberlake circa ’98. Taking the stone wash approach can work during the warmer seasons as it’s a brighter hue of denim that fits in well with Spring or Summer. Don’t over do it though. Like Miguel, break up the look with a contrasting grey shirt and make sure that the denim jacket and jeans wear a slightly different tone. Matching denim is often considered offensive these days so make contrast your friend, then invite his mate, white sneakers.

Jacket: ASOS – $97.36
Shirt: ASOS – $17.31
Jeans: ASOS – $69.23
Shoes: Nike – $147.39

Ryan Reynolds


Arguably the world’s coolest dads at the moment, Ryan Reynolds this week walked out in one of the simplest style winners of all time. We’ll gladly admit that Reynolds could wear a paper bag and make it look good but in this case, a lot of the appeal comes from having the right physique to fill out the casual shirt and chinos. In reality, for men who don’t have Reynolds’ “dad-bod”, simply go for slimmer cuts of garments. We’ve chosen a slim cut Topman shirt here in a tinge of light blue and paired it with slim fit chinos in navy with rolled cuffs. Pair that with the latest Primeknit Stan Smiths from Adidas and you’re on your way to legendary dad status without blowing the budget.

Shirt: Topman – £28.00
Chinos: ASOS – $49.74
Shoes: Adidas – $155.59

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