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Neil Perry’s Sydney Rockpool Restaurant Is Closing Its Doors

One of Sydney’s most iconic three-hatted restaurants will close its doors this year.

Neil Perry made the decision to close his Bridge street fine dining eatery in order to transform the space into a more casual dining experience. Purveyors of good food need not worry for long though as the restaurant replacing it, Eleven Bridge, will continue to be headed up by the same team alongside the same executive chef, Phil Wood.

Perry told media that the decision to close Rockpool was not an easy one and having two restaurants with similar names (Rockpool and Rockpool Bar & Grill) was the root of many issues.

“Our motivations to close Rockpool and open Eleven Bridge are varied but the most significant is that we have two Rockpool restaurants in close proximity, and we have at least 100 guests turn up to the wrong one every month,” Perry said.

“We’re moving away from that traditional concept of fine dining but maintaining all the elements that are crucial to great dining; excellent produce and service, and a contemporary style.”

Eleven Bridge’s menu and fit out has yet to be finalised by Perry. He is however optimistic about the his next venture.

“We are so incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved over the years,” said Perry. “However we’re really excited about the next chapter.”

Rockpool first opened in 1989 and has since built a reputation amongst international food critics, having most recently been named Gourmet Traveller’s restaurant of the year. The final service for Rockpool will be July 30 which follows Mark Best’s announcement that Marque will also close.

[via Business Insider]



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