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Watch The Biggest Wipeouts & Mutant Barrels From Red Bull’s Cape Fear

The extreme surfing competition for those with balls of steel maybe over but the insane footage is only just starting to roll in.

Red Bull have done us the fine courtesy of compiling all of the two-day competition’s action which includes the most treacherous barrels and wipeouts to come out of this year’s event.

Amongst the veteran surfers who have a wealth of experience to take on these kind of monster 3.6 metre waves is 18-year-old South Coast surfer Russell Bierke, also known as this year’s winner.

What makes Cape Fear dangerous is the fact that the massive waves break extremely close to rocks off Sydney’s Botany Bay National Park. Paired with shallow water and unconventional barrel behaviour and you have Cape Solander – home of arguably one of the world’s wildest waves.

Sixteen surfers. One last man standing. Until next year.


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