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A Snowboarder And A Rally Racer Go Dune Shredding In The Desert

It almost sounds like the beginning of a joke (a snowboarder and a rally racer walk into a bar…) but there’s no funny business here. This is pure, palm-sweating, blood-pumping badassery.

Red Bull tapped Kuba Przygoński, a top Polish rally racer and member of the ORLEN Team, and snowboarder Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak for a freestyle collaboration in the otherworldly desert of Abu Dhabi. The mission? Turn sandboarding up to eleven.

Sandboarding itself isn’t new, but Red Bull’s trademark boundary-pushing raises the bar by adding a high-powered, desert-optimised Dakar rally car and one of the biggest, steepest sand dunes on the Arabian Peninsula.

The video showcases Gniazdo’s breathtaking jump over the car, parallel descent from the aforementioned mega-dune, and a set of tricks on desert rails. Consider your crappy local skatepark officially put to shame.


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