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Get The Celebrity Look For Less: Scott Disick, David Gandy & Olivier Rousteing

For the guys who’ve lost their wardrobe winning ways of late, help is on its way. This week we’re borrowing the style chops from some of the best in the business including icon David Gandy, Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing and everyone’s favourite social media screw-up, Scott Disick. Listen up. Dress well.


Breaking It Down

This week’s trio of looks brings with it a serious dose of attitude. Whether you’re roaming the streets or the red carpet, there’s an outfit suited to your needs. Up first is the British style icon David Gandy who shows us how to pull off smart casual with a Victorian twist – definitely a killer ensemble for the colder months. Next we have style pioneer and head of Balmain’s creative division, Olivier Rousteing.

The Frenchman pulls off the flashier ensemble perfectly without coming across as gaudy. The outfit itself is simple too, comprising of just three distinct garments to complete the look. Finally there’s Scott Disick of Kardashian fame. When the man steps out he does it with a polished look which lingers between street and smart casual. Let’s see how they do it.

David Gandy


Taking the Victorian look to race-inspired threads is no easy task, but this is David Gandy we’re talking about and his exacting eye for men’s fashion knows no bounds. Gandy first pulls together a classic office style using fitted navy trousers, tanned oxfords, a simple white shirt with a black knitted tie and herringbone leather gloves. The next step is where the magic happens by taking a bomber or cropped Harrington jacket to bring the look up to date. Layered together, the final look is cool, edgy and oozes attitude with restraint.

Jacket: ASOS – $82.21
Shirt: Topman – £32.00
Trousers: Topman – £35.00
Shoes: Aquila – $169
Gloves: ASOS – $54.10
Tie: Tie Bar – $25

Olivier Rousteing


Being the creative director of a major Italian menswear label means you need to be at the forefront of fashion when it comes to stepping out in public. Olivier Rousteing takes this expectation into his stride and uses monochrome to his advantage. Black is broken up using textures and is further highlighted with form-fitting silhouettes.Think leather-finished pants with a reflective sheen and a fat lapel blazer worn casually over a deep v-neck tee. Simple yet showy, this is the perfect look for a superstar in the making.

Blazer: ASOS – $183.90
Pants: ASOS – $34.62
Shirt: ASOS – $12.98
Shoes: Brando – $339

Scott Disick


One time reality TV star Scott Disick has gone on to see his own career flourish beyond the small screen. One of his more respected skills is knowing how to throw together a cool outfit. This street-inspired get-up is a fine example of what Disick can do, pairing a suede tan jacket with a wool lining on the collar with ripped denim. Round out the look with sunnies, a black tee and black shoes and you’ve got all the attitude you need to make a statement. Seattle guitarist, anyone?

Jacket: ASOS – $151.45
Jeans: Topman – £40.00
Shirt: Topman – £10.00
Shoes: ASOS: $65.00

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