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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #84

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1 of 6|De Antonio D33 Yacht
2 of 6|50th Anniversary Leica M
3 of 6|Mini Cooper Vision Next 100
4 of 6|Bose Quiet Control 30
5 of 6|Plume Wi-Fi System
6 of 6|Globe-Trotter x Alexander McQueen

Every man has their muse and the big bad world of technology is no doubt one of them. Alas, Shut Up & Take My Money is here for another week to help curb your mid-year blues by taking away your life savings one dollar at a time. From luxury boats to a $190,000 camera, it’s time to get your rain dance on.

#1 De Antonio D33 Yacht

Nothing screams weekend cruiser more than a watercraft from De Antonio and their latest offering is the luxurious D33 yacht which floats at almost ten metres long and holds enough cabin space for ten lucky pals. It might look deceivingly simple but below the deck are two bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen. Up top meanwhile has enough room at the bow and stern for sundecks with LED lighting all round to keep the party going well into the night. The signature design of De Antonio crafts are evident in the D33 which comes in either Cruiser or Open-top configuration. How much? Well if you have to ask…

Price: $TBA/BUY


#2 50th Anniversary Leica M

A camera isn’t just a camera in the world of Leica equipment. This particular 50th anniversary Leica M was released back in 2004 in very limited samples totalling just 50 units. It comes with three lenses that’ll cater to just about any shot in 28, 50 and 90mm focal lengths. Ensuring the integrity of the body is a titanium construction of the top and bottom plates. Not that it needs it since it comes enclosed in a custom Rimowa alluminium case. Price? Again, if you have to ask…

Price: $190,000/BUY

#3 Mini Cooper Vision Next 100

After unveiling the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 last week, BMW have continued to predict their own future with an advanced version of their iconic Mini Cooper. The concept design borrows the current design of the small car and adds in a serious dose of tech from the next 100 years to make it a rolling disco ball. On the cards is autonomous driving, seeking out and picking up its passenger and the use of materials such as recycled plastic, alluminium, brass, basalt, and cellulose. Sounds freakishly like an organism if you ask us. Luckily it won’t come to fruition until the next 100 years or so.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Bose Quiet Control 30

The maestros of sound are at it again. This time with a pair of noise-cancelling earphones designed to enhance one’s listening experience through its wireless in-ear design. What’s smart about the latest Bose unit is that it can change the level of noise-cancelling based on its changing surroundings. There are six microphones in total for receiving incoming calls on the QC30s as well as a neckband which houses the smarts and 10-hour battery life.

Price: $399/BUY

#5 Plume Wi-Fi System

Wi-Fi dropout at home is probably everyone’s number one first world problem. Plume wants to fix this with a series of small and attractive Wi-Fi pods which replace the single router to provide consistent coverage throughout the home. Simple place the pods across different rooms of the home and coverage will be robust as routing duties is shifted to the cloud for a seamless internet experience. It’s a bonus that they come in attractive colours too.

Price: $235/BUY


#6 Globe-Trotter x Alexander McQueen

Traverse the world in style with this cool collaboration between luggage maker Globe-Trotter and fashion house Alexander McQueen. The signature details of the designer is definitely there with a studded finish given to the limited edition trolley case and utility case. Inside the case is the lining of McQueen’s trademark black and ivory skulls. The cases are finished with leather straps and secured nicely with a silver skull padlock.

Price: $$1,177-$2,770


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