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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #85

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1 of 6| Lilium Jet
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3 of 6|Montblanc Bespoke Urban Spirit Helmets
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The only time man should be afraid of technology is when that said man is being hunted down by a cyborg robot hellbent on changing the course of history. Luckily that’s not the case (yet) and Schwarzenegger is now a chilled out 68-year-old. Hence it’s time to get reacquainted with this week’s six coolest gadgets before they start to get all emo on you.

#1 Lilium Jet

Don’t be deterred by its rendering, the Lilium Jet is real and will commence rolling out in January 2018 once the design has been finalised. For now customers with a private hangar or garage can only wait patiently for this innovative electric-powered passenger plane. Unlike conventional propeller planes, the Lillium Jet uses a series of electric turbines on its wings to afford the craft a vertical landing and take-off feature. Controls are drastically simplified with computers doing much of the grunt work so that the pilot only requires a sport license to fly it. The craft can carry up to two passengers and 200kg over a range of 480km and top speed of 400km/h. All you’ll need is a home with a generous backyard to land it in.

Price: $TBA/BUY


#2 Marshmallow Crossbow

Take out your most beloved enemy with a marshmallow to the face. That’s right, someone created a replica crossbow which fires dangerous marshmallows. Use it as a gentleman’s mantle piece or light some marshmallows on fire and start a candy war, anything is possible when a deadly weapon is made this cool. The device is handmade in Vancouver using wood and steel. Simple rest the soft candy on the marshmallow holder, fire and the bow and gravity will do the rest, sending fluff balls up to 18 metres away. The boss won’t know what hit him. He might even like it.

Price: $90/BUY

#3 Montblanc Bespoke Urban Spirit Helmets

The label known for their fine collection of timepieces and accessories have now released a pair of beautifully crafted helmets for the stylish rider. The bespoke Urban Spirit helmets from Montblanc aims to bring vintage 1970s design into the modern world for those who rate aesthetics as much as safety. Decked out in matte black along with leather details, the helmets come in either a full face version with a fighter pilot black visor or an open faced version with a mirrored visor. For safe visibility while riding, Montblanc have a reflective coating on the shell which refracts light through the perforated leather section.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Kyosho RC Surfer 3

Revered radio-control maker Kyosho have released the third iteration of their popular RC surfer which has long given enthusiasts a unique experience in the radio control world. The latest version comes equipped with a board designed by real surfboard manufacturer ‘Lost’. The intelligently designed hull means that the hollow surfer acts as a buoyancy device which can flip the craft back upright if it capsizes due to a wipeout. It’s designed to take on small waves and lakes at 16km/h with a run time of seven minutes. Cowabunga.

Price: $229/BUY

#5 Vitastiq

Every man needs a companion to help keep their health in check and when a significant other has yet to be found your next best bet is the intuitive Vitastiq. Simply touch the probe onto your cuticles at specific points and the Vitastiq will accurately measure and read your vital stats to tell you what vitamins and minerals your body is in need of. All of this is to ensure that users maintain their peak fitness and health from what they consume. The Vitastiq is fast and easy, connecting to your smartphone via the earphone jack to track your personal health via a free Vitastiq app.


Price: $250/BUY

#6 Seinfeldia

For an iconic TV show that was about nothing, Seinfeld became one of the most beloved sitcoms of America and the world. To commemorate this creation, acclaimed TV historian and entertainment writer Jennifer Keishin Armstrong created Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything. The hardcover book is perfect for coffee tables and gives unprecedented insight into the hilarious world of two comedians who went for coffee and dreamt up Seinfeld. The silly sitcom about a New York comedian talking to his friends went from being a pilot which the stars didn’t think anyone would watch to one which forty million viewers tuned into every week.

Price: $20/BUY


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