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Final Star Trek Beyond Trailer Receives Some Help From Rihanna

Is this a sci-fi film or a James Bond opening montage? That’s the reaction most will foster after seeing the final trailer to Star Trek Beyond. The latest instalment to the popular movie franchise headed by Chris Pine and directed by Fast & Furious film maker Justin Lin is looking like the biggest departure from the formula yet. If one needs evidence, the backing vocals by pop star Rihanna should provide solace (or spark outrage).

As the film moves further into blockbuster territory, audiences will see the intergalactic voyage of U.S.S. Enterprise under attack from an unknown new enemy before the crew crash land on an unchartered planet. The crew headed is again headed by Captain Kirk who is played by Chris Pine alongside Zachary Quinto as Spock and John Cho as Hikaru Sulu. Idris Elba and Zoë Saldana also have major roles alongside Simon Pegg who joins the party as comedic relief (and as one of the film’s writers).

Star Trek Beyond will hit cinemas on July 21.



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