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4 Furies Design The Ultimate Moscow Man Cave

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Russia: a land where politicians might ride bears, billionaires own laser-equipped yachts, and vodka is often cheaper than water. A place so inscrutable Winston Churchill famously called it “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” What could be more intriguing?

On your text trip to the delightfully baffling nation, rest your head in this magnificent Moscow loft. The handsome space contains everything a man could need in a bachelor pad.

For entertainment junkies, a massive projection screen is begging for a Netflix binge. For the clotheshorse, there’s an extensive closet. For creatives, there’s a piano and an artist’s easel. For the workaholic, there’s dedicated office space. For nature lovers, ample greenery enlivens the loft. And for anyone who appreciates style, the apartment offers it in spades.

Interior design firm 4 Furies equipped the space with a masculine palette of grey and black, complemented by occasional pops of robin egg blue. Furniture is slick and modern, with little in the way of busy details or patterns. Metal light fixtures, exposed brick, and a stripped-back staircase bring in industrial charm, set off by floor-to-ceiling curtains that add warmth and softness to the loft.

And best of all? The image used on the 4 Furies website has the Airbnb logo, which means you might actually be able to score the spectacular space for yourself.

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