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25 Vibrant Examples Of Accent Colours In Interior Design

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Perhaps you like the serenity that comes with simple, soothing Scandinavian interior design. Maybe you’re the “go hard or go home” type who believes bigger is always better.

Or maybe you fall somewhere in between. Your aesthetic is bold but tasteful. You take risks, but never go overboard. You embrace minimalism and maximalism in equal parts. For you, there are accent colours.

Interior design experts have much to say on the subject of shade. They tout the importance of understanding colour psychology, of mixing complementary hues, of creating a cohesive space, of abiding by the 60-30-10 rule. The accent colour is beloved by pros for its ability to add depth and interest to a room (not to mention a hefty dose of style).


The good news? You can be as risky or as restrained as you want. Either way, an eye-catching shade expresses your personality and makes your pad appear more thoughtfully composed.

Surf the gallery above for inspirational interiors with a range of accent colour styles. Some keep it simple, with neutral bases in black and white and only small splashes of daring hues. Others are fearless in the face of pigment, blending multiple colours and striking patterns into an artful display of aesthetic guts. Let us know your favourites below.


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