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Antonio Banderas Set To Play One Of The World’s Most Iconic Fashion Designers

Antonio Banderas is set to star as legendary fashion designer Gianni Versace in an upcoming biopic detailing the Italian’s illustrious life up until the time of his murder.

The film will be directed by the Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning Dane Billie August, who will trace the designer’s life from Milan before heading to Versace’s birthplace of Reggio Calabria and then Miami where his final moments were spent.

Banderas himself should make for a good Versace as the 55-year-old Spanish actor also studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins in London. He then took this learning further by releasing his own collection in collaboration with Scandinavian street wear brand, Selected.

The script is still under wraps but there already appears to be some controversy from the fashion house’s current stakeholders who are less than impressed with a Versace biopic. The group told WWD that the film is not officially authorised and doesn’t have any involvement with the label whatsoever.

“The movie should only be seen as a work of fiction,” the statement read.

The Versace biopic will see Banderas reunite with August since their 1994 film, The House of Spirits, which also starred Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close and Winona Ryder.

Gianni Versace was shot and murdered in Miami back in July 1997 when he stepped outside of his beachside mansion for a morning coffee run. The killer, Andrew Cunanan, would eventually use the same gun to commit suicide on a boat eight days later. Police still don’t know the motive for Versace’s murder until this day. The Versace empire is now headed by his sister and two brothers as well as his niece and nephew.




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