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Barack Obama Plans To Open A T-Shirt Shack In Hawaii

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Barack Obama is set to drop the mic on his presidential duties next January and as such there has been much speculation as to what the 54-year-old father of two is planning to do with all his spare time.

In a story about how Obama spends his time outside of work, The New York Times included a reference to Obama’s dream of opening up a t-shirt shack in Hawaii once he leaves presidency.

“Mr. [Rahm] Emanuel, who is now the mayor of Chicago but remains close to the president, said he and Mr. Obama once imagined moving to Hawaii to open a T-shirt shack that sold only one size (medium) and on colour (white). Their dream was that they would no longer have to make decisions…”

The New York Times also reported that during difficult White House meetings when no good decision seemed possible, Mr. Emanuel would sometimes turn to Mr. Obama and say, ‘White,’ Mr. Obama would in turn say, ‘Medium’.

We can’t blame the 44th U.S. President for craving a life of simplicity after his time holding office, and with rumours that along with the t-shirt shack, he plans to own an NBA team or do philanthropic work, we can only guess where Obama will end up next.

[via Business Insider]



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