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6 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [23.07.16]

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1 of 6|Ryan Reynolds|Ryan Reynolds is the master of goof and his latest post blends his Deadpool alter-ego with a rather profound message: Make America "Just OK Aagain". This man needs to write Melania Trump's future speeches.
2 of 6|Alison Wonderland|Aussie DJ and all-round pocket rocket Alison Wonderland just finished her set at Tommorowland alongside Shaq. You read right. Basketball legend Shaq. He also went as far as picking her up and dunking her on stage. One must always watch out for the Shaq Attaq.
3 of 6|James Corden|The British late show host recently went all out, inviting Michelle Obama and Missy Elliott in for a session of carpool karaoke. It looked like fun though we're not too sure about the cavalcade of armour-plated and blacked out cars following closely behind.
4 of 6|Pharrell Williams|Pharrell puts himself amongst good company yet again, this time hanging with Bono and Co. from U2. There's a lot of awards and accolades between the trio and one can't help but appreciate the respect the music producer has for the oldschool rockers.
5 of 6|Sebastian Vettel|When your red race car isn't fast enough there's only one thing left to do. Vespa like the Italians do. Here's the multiple world champion making his way through transit at a much slower pace. Even race drivers have to deal with traffic.
6 of 6|Tinashe|The RnB star rumoured to be dating Calvin Harris sure knows how to pose with cars. Tinashe is her name and she's been on a monumental rise for the past few years with her string of hits and original sound. She seems to have her head on straight too which makes her a great fit for the world's highest paid DJ.

The best celebrity Instagrams have arrived to fill you in on the world of social media stalking. It’s okay though, we don’t do it in real time unless it’s Danny Devito.

In today’s edition we’re catching up with cool dad Ryan Reynolds sporting a profound message on his new tee, Aussie DJ Alison Wonderland hanging with some basketballer, James Corden rocking out in a car with Michelle Obama and Missy Elliott and Pharrell hanging out with U2.

If that’s not far enough down the rabbit hole, we also catch up with F1 Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel on a Vespa and Calvin Harris’s reported new squeeze, Tinashe.

Step inside the home of where you go to find out what your favourite actors, musicians and sports people are up to. Oversharing is caring.



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