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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [14.07.16]

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1 of 5|Chris Harris On Cars
2 of 5|Ford GT Aero Test
3 of 5|Porsche Vision GT
4 of 5|Aston Martin Vulcan
5 of 5|Land Rover Defender

Get your driving hats on as we run you through this week’s five biggest stories from the motoring world. In this edition Ford gives us a demonstration of the aero capabilities in their new GT hypercar, Chris Harris gets his own Top Gear spin-off show, Porsche serves up something for the dreamers whilst Aston Martin are selling a real for the dreamers. There’s even a glimmer of hope for the old school off-roaders.

#1 Chris Harris Debuts Trailer For New Show

You may know him from Top Gear fame or YouTube as the guy who likes to get exotics sideways whilst talking about it to camera. Well now audiences can get a lot more Chris Harris with his own new BBC show called Chris Harris On Cars – creative, right? Not much is known in terms of the content but expect many drool-worthy exotics going fast and being dissected by the charismatic Harris. Watch the clip below to get excited.

#2 Ford GT Shows Off Its Aerodynamic Capabilities

It’s not often one gets to witness the engineering concept of aerodynamics at work. A lot of this has to do with the fact that the driver has to look forward and not crash at high speed. Thankfully Ford have simulated this scenario with a static version of the Ford GT in a warehouse with a smoke dispenser and a giant fan. What ensues is a beautiful display of airflow over the car at a simulated 200km/h run. Watch the below and marvel at it for yourself.

#3 Porsche Vision GT Is A Hint Of The Future

As far as video games go, none has bridged the gap to reality more than the Gran Turismo series which began way back in 1998. For their latest Vision GT program which has manufacturers dream up their wildest concepts to be featured in the game, Porsche have penned their very own hypercar. The cool looking concept was designed by six people from around the world includding five automotive designers and an expert photo retoucher. Clear lines are borrowed from the legendary 1969 Porsche 908 LH race car including the classic racer’s elongated tail. There’s even a bit of 918 Spyder and 919 Hybrid in ther eif you look close enough. Will they actually build it? Only time will tell.

#4 An Aston Martin Vulcan Just Got Listed For Sale

Let’s get the stats out of the way first. 820hp, 24 examples in the world, US$2.3 million at debut, US$3.4 million second hand. Still interested? Well now you can buy number 11 of 24 at the upcoming Mecum Monterey auctions in August. Bear in mind it’s a track only car so you’ll be forking out a lot of coin for a weekend driver at most.

#5 British Billionaire Wants To Revive Landrover

The last iconic Defender rolled off the Land rover production line months ago and it was a sad day for many fans around the world. One British businessman is however having none of it according to The Sunday Times. Jim Ratcliffe is the chemical engineer turned businessman who happens to be the head of a $4.2 billion chemical company called Ineos. More importantly Ratcliffe has been in talks with Jaguar Land Rover to bring the Defender back. There’s little news on how or when, but one can only hope. And hand over lots of cash whilst at it.

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