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Brands To Know: Visvim

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Welcome to another instalment of Brands To Know. We’ve still got our feet firmly planted in the art, fashion and culture of Japan, a country that appears to be brimming with inspirational and forward-thinking menswear labels. This week all eyes are on Hiroki Nakamura’s fashion brand, Visvim.

The Visvim Story

 Japanese menswear brand Visvim was founded by Hiroki Nakamura in 2001. As a student, Nakamura’s parents encouraged him travel abroad, landing him in Alaska where he worked for Burton Snowboards as a designer for 8 years before starting his own line.

“When I started the business, I asked myself what I wanted out of this, and I realised what I wanted was to create products that made me happy. I also wanted to build a brand that was timeless and borderless,” Nakamura said in an interview with The New York Times.

Who Wears It?

Visvim began as a footwear brand but later expanded into a full apparel collection with a reported $100 million in sales and a celebrity clientele including John Mayer, Pharrell Williams, Eric Clapton and A$AP Rocky. “Part of what makes Visvim so powerful is that it evokes something in you,” John Mayer said. “My whole road case is Visvim. I’m taking all the checkered madras.”

The Visvim Look

“My inspiration mostly comes from old textiles, beautifully made stuff from the past. I always wanted to make things that, as much as the vintage stuff I am drawn to, have strong energy,” Nakamura told The New York Times. Visvim has taken inspiration, in the past, from old school Americana, Japanese Edo period garments, French workwear, Amish patchwork fabric, Native American clothing, the Alaskan outdoors, and the Finnish Sami tribe culture, resulting in a mishmash of traditional production techniques combined with modern technology and fabrics.

Visvim Spring/Summer 2016

For Spring/Summer 2016, Nakamura has revisited his love of vintage Americana with a subtle nod to sportswear. Bombers, oversized shirts and effortlessly cut blazers come in relaxed fits and soft fabrics like linen and cotton, and are paired with hoodies, long-sleeved tees and plaid shirts. There is, of course, plenty of laid back denim and cropped trousers throughout the collection with the unexpected addition of sporty trackpants and sneakers combined with vintage slogan pieces, white brim hats and chunky workwear boots for the more daring fashion fan.

Price Range

An iconic moccasin sneaker will set you back about $950AUD, while t-shirts cost about $240AUD.

Where To Buy It

The brand’s F.I.L. stores are located all over the world, but in Australia you can find the label in Melbourne’s Someday, McKilroy in Perth and Supply in Sydney, or online.


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