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6 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [18.07.16]

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1 of 6|James Franco|Older Franco is still the oddball you hoped he was. The proof is in this photo which magnificently captures him in a two-piece floral bathing suit. Just keep doing you, old Franco.
2 of 6|Chace Crawford|The ex-Gossip Girl star appears to be doing just fine at the front row of fashion shows alongside fine company such as Johannes Huebl. Follow Crawford on his behind the scenes adventures as well as thrwobacks with Gossip Girl buddy, Ed Westwick.
3 of 6|Richard Branson |One of the world's most loveable CEOs isn't always joking around. This is Branson chasing down a ball on the courts at the ripe old age of 65. He hasn't gone down a set to his challenger too. Follow Branson to see what social projects he's up to as well as his cool selfies with Virgin staff from around the globe.
4 of 6|Novak Djokovic|The world's number one tennis player is also making some serious progress as the world's best dad. Keep up with Novak as he traverses the tennis circuit whilst making people smile all over the world.
5 of 6|Adam Bovine|That's not Adam Bovine. That's his co-star Aubrey Plaza receiving the bird from Bovine. It's ok though as they're friends and have spent much time together on set. Follow Bovine to see his super positive feed which features him annoying people and pulling faces. Zac Efron also pops up every now and then to fuel the insanity.
6 of 6|Zachary Quinto|The Star Trek crew recently landed in Sydney for a whirlwind promo of their latest film. Here's the remnants of the film's biggest stars including Quinto, Pine, Cho and Urban. Follow Quinto on his global adventures as well as his cool street style looks alongside his partner.

Don’t stalk your favourite celebrities in real life. Do it on Instagram instead.

In this edition of cool celebrity Instagrams we’ve got James Franco doing his weird thing on social media again, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford coming out of the wood work, Richard Branson launching a mean forehand and Novak Djokovic being a top dad.

On top of that there’s also funny man Adam Bovine acting naughty to his Mike & Dave co-star, Aubrey Plaza and Spock himself, Zachary Quinto, capturing a selfie in Sydney before the crew left.

It’s all fun and games this week as we bring you the best celebrity snaps you wished you were a part of.



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