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Winning Entrants From The 2016 Drone Aerial Photography Contest

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As a testament to the power of drones in today’s world of professional photography, National Geographic have teamed up with Dronestagram to showcase the winners of the 2016 International Drone Photography Contest.

This year’s event marks the third annual competition to showcase a diverse range of aerial photos from around the world. From picturesque landscapes to the fiery pits of active volcanoes, over 6,000 images were submitted to the competition with three categories that could be chosen from. These were Travel, Nature and Wildlife and Sports and Adventure.

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To sum up the experience of capturing these unique photos, Max Seigal who is one of the drone photographers explained that the new technology had allowed him to capture images that were once unheard of.

“Two years ago I started flying drones, and I quickly realised their potential to capture stunning, never-before-seen views. I’ve been hooked ever since!”

Click through the gallery to see the cool images who took top honours.


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